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Episode 11 Part 2: Decembers Cryptids Animals and Weird News and Forteana

February 2, 2021

Thank you for listening.


South Georgia Cryptid, Nessie Loch Ness Monster, Australian Drop Bear, Topa, Spiders and zero gravity, irridescent snakes in Vietnam, Panda bears and horse poop, farmer fish, Polish cryptid, Burmese pythons on the menu, Hyrax elephants in trees, Cat burgler, Bukit Timah Monkey man, Biggfoot, yetti, skunk ape, Alaskan Bushman aka Tornit, park cryptids, thunderbirds, alligators can regrow tales, octopus punching fish, skinwalker, wunderpus, Mothman, Great gray Owls, Black eyed kids BEK, Corona conspiracies, 5G, Monoliths, superstitions, OCD, werewolf syndrome in Spain, Dallas tickle bar, King Midas, Doll face, Ohio clash at serpent mount burial site against native Americans, Voodoo divorce, sola sex, OneTaste conspiracy, Sued for destroying porn, homosapian hibernation, tattooed twins, Robot stem cells, returned key, big conjunction, ghost boat full of drugs, Boston message in a bottle, Expanding universe and gravity, Dark matter, Ghost circles in space, antartica space signals and quantum physics, Quantum computing, Smart nails, fountain of youth, algorithmic warfare, Covid santa, Diaper con, perfect dioramas, raman soup bath, Shoji Morimoto Japanese man who does nothing, Love secret tunnel in Mexico, Celtic coin hoard, Star Wars Jesus, 12 is the divine number, Ma-na-Uni Japanese bermuda triangle, Tucson Booms, Weirdest medical conditions of 2020, Tape worm, radio hips, Demonic sperm, Latvia turkey kidnapping, Poundland poop, First Night Effect, sewege bootlegging, Aussie penis biker, Church of agony site in archeology, alabaster priest found, Milvesko Monostory in Czech republic and Jesus cross nails, Holy grail in Hounslow, Miracle of St Januarius in Naples Italy, Pyramid puzzle found in Scitland, WWII letter delivered, Sir Walter Raleigh Skull, Christmas tree critters, speak to the terminally ill, snow story, Chongqing Buddha in China, Blue tattoo, 340 cipher cracked to catch the zodiac killer, Premonitions,, Chinese football lost due to hair not back enough, Adolf Hitlet wins election, Thundersnow, Covid diapers, Columbian villages, Bronze age sword, zambian suing for no wedding, Primark sock bone, Mayan calemder appocolypse, spam and oreos' macdonalds. 


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