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Episode 12: All Decembers Fortean News from around the World

January 22, 2022

Happy New Year. Here is all the weirdness, paranormal and supernatural news from around the world. Including UFO's, Ghosts, Cryptids and lots of jokes. 

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This episode includes the following: New Years Traditions, Chinese haunted house job, Plympton House door knocking ghost, The ghost girl in the lake district, Skrirrid Mountain inn hauntings which tried to drown a woman, Ghost light caught on CCTV, black cloud horror, possessed big brother contestant gets an exorcism, haunted theatres, Malaysian haunted house kills a boy, Cornish ghost face in a church, Exploding glass poltergeist in the Long Arm Pub, Fumio Kishida Japanese prime minister stays in haunted residence, The Ancient Ramm Inn, Didlington church bells and the policeman, Demi Lovato tortures a spirit, Dudley Castle spirit, Yorkshire stone-throwing poltergeist, The Christmas Ghost Bride of Boughton, The soldier ghost of Clitheroe, Liverpool graveyard spirit communication, Fort Gillicker ghosts set investigators running away, Hitlers Ghost haunts Robert Carlyle, Semerwater ghost bells, Haunted books and Black Eyed Kids and Rosemary's Baby, Ghost pulls cat, Jeremy Corbell report increase in UFO sightings according to the USA government, Scott C Waring's loveheart UFO, Madonna and Child with the Infant Saint John proves ancient aliens, New Jersey gangster UFO, Northern Irelands increase in UFO UAP sightings, Russian investigator says aliens living amongst us, Alien skeleton proved to be human, Nuremberg incident reocures, Christmas eve strange figure, The Chinese People liberation army PLA in china have an increase in UFO sightings, Commercial jet pilot records incrediable footage of 12 UFO's flying in formation, Fish Pool UFO's, Ammonia in Venus proves life in space?, NASA set up a working group with religious leaders to ask how religion responds to life from other worlds, The Red Sky Paradox, Dr Gary Nolan and UFO metal, Semiahmoo Bay UFO, What would happen if you did storm Area 51?, Clown attempts to hijack jet to Area 51 to see aliens, Crashed UFO found on Mars, Alberta Canada shapeshifting UFO, Space Station UFO spotted, Glasgow lights are seen, Kim Wilde sees UFO, Uri Geller says Aliens are here, Danny Dyer and Egyptian UFO's, Gemma Collins mum telepathically speak to an alien on a train, Wiltshire Orange swarm of UFO's, Madrid UFO army, phasing lights UFO, Alien abductees have same PTSD as human kidnapping victims,  UFO's give pilots brain damage according to studies, Bigfoot throwing rocks in Pennsylvania, Bigfoot graves found? Nessie the Loch ness Monster sightings increase, Nessie arrested at Cop26,  Nessie Cheeto goes on auction, Exotic big cat in Australia, Glocester big cats savaging like foxes because of lockdown, Dartmoor big cat, Crow joins the school and teaches kids to swear Giant Canine skinwalker in the USA, Clinton Washington hens hitch a ride to avoid snow, goblin caught on film, drunk parrots and opium-addicted parrots, Texas hog attack, Monkies murder puppies in India, The horse which takes itself for a walk, Brazilian two-headed calf, Man plays concerts to the wild fox, Skinwalker in walked as two-footed canine, Hamster took into protective custody, New COVID mystery conspiracy, Warp bubble created for interstellar travel, Casimir effect, Man has bomb stuck in his anus, lickable TV invented, test tube eyes, brain cell video game chip, does the universe teach itself? London's train for the dead, Holly Willoughby psychic prediction, pregnancy in a liver, spontaneous marijuana combustion, spontaneous laundry combustion, Jesus Christ bruise, raining fish, witchcraft killings in India, La Roche Tremblante the trembling rock, alligator archaeology, nits save science, Kakuhidou the Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men, the witch Meg Shelton, Humanzee hybrids in production, Scottish witches given a pardon, Brazillian butt Lift Death, sheep murders volunteer at therapy farm,  Naked Loan services in China, frying pans can make men's genitals smaller, Music kills chickens, surgeon amputate the wrong leg, the earth spins faster affecting the atomic clock, knicker man claims he is the new Rosa Parks, Mammoth Graveyard, Camel beauty contest kicks out botox camels, and finally pet monkey flushed down lavatory after being offered cocaine. 

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